Trustee Message

In this competitive world, we are devotionally trying to enrich the coming generation with education, knowledge, civilization and culture.

We kindly appreciate the co-operative, support and love from our parents. They have always stood with us in difficult situations. Our management, teaching and non-teaching staff have sincerely contributed for our progress and development. Our institution has achieved great heights in the field of education due to the generous efforts of all these people and we are thankful to them. We assure you that our institution will always be contributing in the development and progress of the society and the nation.We pleasantly welcome all those who are our well-wishers and want to present their views and opinions for our betterment.

Principal’s Message

We all know well that the superiority of a school mostly depends upon its result and we have already proved ourselves on this criteria. We are well-planned with our qualified staff members to spread education as well as intellectual and cultural knowledge among our students.

We undertake different co-curricular activities. We have established a mini-library in our school to make the students curious and eager to read and spread knowledge. We have also undertaken different activities related to the mission “Vanche Gujarat”.

We are leading in implementation of all those suggestions and programs issued by the Government. We do all the following activities bestly, honestly and sincerely:

  • To show the answer-sheets to students after assessment.
  • To produce the annual planning in advance.
  • To conduct educational tours successfully.
  • To conduct educational seminars.
  • To participate in training-camps.
  • To shape students to participate in various competition.

I am cordially thankful to my teaching and non-teaching staff members for their honest, sincere and generous participation to make all these activities successful. I feel the serge of pride as the principal of such a continuously progressing school.