Vision & Mission

To create an environment to foster personal growth and the development of individual capacity to transform society through service.

Our Mission

  • To train new generations of youth who will excel morally and academically.
  • To create a generation of world citizens dedicated to serving humanity.
  • To emphasize understanding over mere accumulation of information.


Our Objectives

  • To provide a stimulating environment that inspires a child to explore and learn.
  • To help children strive for excellence in academics and co-curricular activities.
  • To help children understand their rights and responsibilities.
  • To identify individual differences and provide personalized attention.
  • To encourage children to take pride in their own achievements.
  • To ensure a self-disciplined environment conducive for learning.
  • To help children enjoy collaborative work and inculcate a healthy team spirit.
  • To help children become life-long learners.
  • To guide children to appreciate and respect the environment.


School Family – Purpose and Values

Educating the Heart

Prepare the student who are Global Citizens and Agents of Social Change committed to humanistic values and democratic traditions.

Educating the Mind and the Body

Equipping students with life skills and academic skills through delivery of individualized integrated learning programme in tune with international standards of excellence.

Creating Life Long learners to meet constantly changing challenges and needs of the world around them.

Creating Caring Learning Environment

  • Providing joyful, disciplined, secular, learning environment.
  • Led by a talent pool of role model faculty.

Implementing Equal Opportunities

Taking up the challenge of inclusion of the geographically, economically, socially and physically marginalized sections of the rural and urban children especially the girl child through formal as well as non-formal education programmes.