A multi – sensory approach is put into practice to make students comprehend, learn and bring meaning to the wide range of concepts within a concept.
Students are taught through child receptive teaching aids, assemblies, audio visuals, e- learning. Some classes have digital boards and students learn through visual modules.


Computer Education

Computer Lab

Today’s world is considered to me the world gadgets.
Computer now has taken center stage today.
So in order to be up to date with the latest know how, our schools has done the best and has brought in the latest technology in order to see that students are up to date in their computer knowledge. Our computer Lab. Is well equipped Lab. Having latest Pentium based machine. To add colors to it our lab. The school has also Internet connection in the computer lab. This facility will help them to access information whenever needed to complete their projects.


Co-Curricular Activities


Be Co-Curricular Activities make a support structure for the curricular activities which place in the school premises.
The various Co- Curricular activities like horse-riding, skating, judo-karate, yoga, fine-arts and crafts, western and classical dances, aerobics and music provide an atmosphere of completeness to the school atmosphere.




The school with its strong cultural base and close attachment to nature and festivities provide a unique opportunity for school to celebrate various festivals- be it National, Religious or Cultural.
The school’s Mega Event –the Annual Function Provides an excellent platform to the students from Jr.Kg to 10th std to show their capabilities in dance, songs, speeches and dramas.

Thus the school provides the most suitable platform to students to bring out the talent of the students.


Parents – Teacher Meeting


Students, Teacher and Parents are the three corners of a triangle of Education system.

To take parents into confidence and get first hand information to understand their wards academic progress is the primary motive of teachers.

We also invite practical and positive suggestion for further improvement of the school.

By parents interacting with teachers they know their position clearly and with teachers suggestion the parents will plan out home study and the child also feels confident in moving forward in his/her studies.

The Series of meetings which the school has conducted in these years we feel confident to say the parents are having faith in this institution and school also delivered work in accordance with the expectation of parents.